Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wax Paper Fall Collages

This past Monday Fun-day, we made wax paper fall collages with our friends, Jax and Sarah. This was everyone's first time making wax paper collages, but they turned out nicely. I wasn't really impressed until I hung them in the windows - that was definitely the trick to making these beautiful. The sun shines through and makes the colors pop out brilliantly.

Here are the easy steps to make your own wax paper collages:

1) Gather fall leaves/grasses/flowers/etc. - anything that will lay flat once pressed. Most of our leaves were wet, and I think that the collages would have pressed better if the leaves were dry. (So you may want to let your pretties dry overnight.)
2) Get other things to decoarte with. We used glitter glue and crayon shavings (we just used a pencil sharpener).
3) Decorate your wax paper - this is the fun part! Kieran loved squeezing the glitter glue everywhere.
4) Put a second piece of wax paper over the first, cover with a very thin towel, and iron. We used the high setting on the iron, and it still didn't completely melt together (this is where I think dry leaves would have been better).
5) Hang in a window and enjoy!



  1. How beautiful!!! Do you remember making these as a child??? Only I wasn't as imaginative as you, we only used old crayon shavings. I also don't think that I put a towel between the iron and the waxed paper (just be sure you aren't ironing the "waxed" side!!!)I would set it on a lower setting and just iron the waxed paper I am sure. And we used a food grater to get larger quantites of crayon shavings.. And THAT is the sum total of my knowledge about wax paper colllages!!!!!