Thursday, October 15, 2009


Is anyone going to participate in NaBloPoMo this November? November is a popular writing month (it must be the cold weather that makes everyone turn introspective and put pen to paper). There is a popular novel writing project that challenges writers to churn out a novel in thirty days each November. Not to be outdone, the blogosphere has established "NaBloPoMo," which challenges bloggers to blog every day in November (well, any month really, but in November there are prize drawings).

I'm truly tempted to try it, but I want to blog around a theme. There are several I'm considering, but the two it has come down to are 1) winter toddler activities and 2) pregnancy/childbirth/baby resources for new and soon-to-be parents. I've actually started on a couple of posts for the second topic, just to see how difficult it will be. Yikes. They have been time consuming. I'm trying to keep them to two pages in length (in Word) plus footnotes, and I'm cramming as many resources in as possible so that new parents will at least have a jumping-off point for further research. Wading through some of the worthless information on the internet has been a pain, and I don't know if I'm ready to tackle thirty days of it.

What about you? Will you blog for thirty days with me? A support system would be helpful. If you are, talk to me about your strategy - are you going to blog around a theme? Will you be doing more involved posts or will they be lighter/easier?

What would you like to see from my blog? Have you enjoyed the posts that I spent time researching (like the ones on toilet paper or circumcision), or the ones I've considered to be more "fluff" (like toddlerese or bitter haikus)? And if you like the researched posts, would you want to read them daily or less often?

If you are a blogger, please make sure to link to your blog in the comments (if you so desire) so I can add you to my reader/follow you. Maybe we can have a NaBloPoMo blogring (or looking further into the future, maybe we could start a blog carnival).


  1. Sounds like fun! Personally I like all of your blog entries, but I think I would love to see a mix of educational entries plus the fuff ones, tha tway my head doesn't get too filled with info. LOL

    BTW you have to tell me how you got this comment bar up.

  2. i agree with Jessica.

    A mix of edcational blogs and fluffer ones might be best, so we can really think on the long researched ones, and have a time out of fun with the lighter ones.

    I don't know if i'll do a blog everyday, i just started blogging and still feel a bit insecure about it, but i love the idea, as well as the carnival one.

    thank you for your always interesting posts Dionna.


  3. I'm with the above bloggers. I like that you mix it up. I think that it gives your blog a taste of your personality. You are passionate about certain issues, but you know how to lighten up and have fun as well. I know that November would be different if you went with a theme, but, even if that theme didn't appeal to your current readers, I think they would still be around after that month. (but the themes are pretty complementary to what you blog on now, so I don't see losing anyone's interest being a possibility)

  4. Hmm, I have never done NaBloPoMo but I am tempted, as a jump start for my very neglected blog...

    I like your mix of posts as well!

  5. I like the way you are mixing the thoughtful with the fluff...but what I like most of all are pictures of that gorgeous grandson of miine...but then I am easy to please!!!
    As for blogging everyday in November, I am about ready to close the door on my Xanga, not many folks are really too interested in the "fluff" that I why bother??? But I will definitely be reading your entries everyday!!!