Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Toddlerese 2

I'm sure you've been wondering all week what the translation of Kieran's toddlerese word is.

Ready for it?

It was avocado.

Signing wouldn't really help us with that word, as it gets finger-spelled in ASL. While Kieran does know his alphabet (spoken), he's not quite there with signs.

I decided to try toddlerese part 2 - take a stab at this one:

I'll put up a hint later - all I'll say for now is that if you are a signing family, please don't give this one away ;)

Ok, I've been asked for a hint. It is two words - first word, two syllables. He's actually signing the first word in the video.


  1. Lilly says, "He says pava cone!" My guess was potato. Her first guess was popcorn.

  2. Hmmmm I will be honest...I have no idea!!! That is why I am glad you are always there to interpret for me!!!

  3. I was going to say popcorn, but the extra syllable is throwing me off. Maybe he's making it papa-corn :)

    All I'm sure of is that I have the cutest dang nephew in the world.

  4. I was going to guess the same thing that Tammy did...but that pesky extra syllable gave ME trouble too!!! Where is our hint?????

  5. I got it from the sign. Isn't ASL great?

  6. I have listened to this over and over and can still not figure it out. Alex seemed to understand him perfectly. Unfortunately, I don't think that word exists.