Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Jedi You Will Be

I saw this picture yesterday and really love it. Tom and I were discussing the best way to caption it, but I am not enamored with any of our suggestions.
Tom: "It should say 'President Obama-Wan Kenobi.'"
Dionna: "No, it should say 'Isn't he dreamy?!'"
Tom: (rolls eyes)
Dionna: "Ok, ok. What about 'Return of the . . .' What's a good word for someone who super kicks butt?"
Tom: "Obama?"
Obviously, we're coming up short. So I'm leaving it up to all of you smart people. Give me your best caption for this picture:


  1. Obama-Wan Kenobi: Striking fear in the hearts of the Republicans everywhere.

    It would be equally valid to say "Making women everywhere swoon," but I like Michelle so I'll leave the sex appeal out of it.

    I love that the sword is blue. Blue = Democrat

  2. I don't think I can come up with a caption that would amuse you but I would love to know WHAT he was doing at the

  3. Stand back....I always have the answer ;-)

  4. I want another try:

    The modern-day Teddy Roosevelt: Speak softly and carry a big light saber.

  5. Oh I like your second one Tammy.

  6. Why, thank you. If I win the contest, I will thank Teddy, because he was born on my birthday.

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  8. Oooo, I have another one. Can I share three or am I going overboard?

    In response to last week's asinine commentary by Jimmy Carter, President Obama has challenged the former president to a light saber match to the death.

  9. i could think of some dirty ones, but since this is a family show, i won't share. :P

    but how about "the force is strong with this one"..?