Monday, September 28, 2009

Teensy Meansy Halloweensy

Just in time for Halloween, here are a few new designs I have finished. Select one (or more!) and I will hand embroider it on a shirt that you select (see full description below). I still have the uber-cute red monster design for sale too. 

Charming Little Black Cats

Funky Orange Aliens

Simply Frightful Navy Blue Bunnies

Ravenous Red Monsters

Teensy Meansy Onesies/Shirts - $15.00 (+ shipping if applicable)
*$5.00 discount if you buy more than one item!
It’s true that only a mother could love some of the Teensy Meansy faces that grace our onesies or t-shirts, but we think they are so scary they’re cute! I will hand-embroider the face onto a onesie or t-shirt (please specify a size and style).
Teensy Meansy faces are handmade from two layers of recycled t-shirts (machine sewn – turned and top-stitched) and felt. I fuse and then hand-embroider the eyes and mouth on, and then do the same thing when attaching the face to the shirt. (At your request, I can finish it off by putting interfacing on the back). 
You may consider laundering your Teensy Meansy garment in a lingerie bag and/or washing it on a more delicate cycle. While I construct the faces so that they are sure to stay put, a little caution can’t hurt. Each recycled t-shirt is pre-washed, checked for holes/stains/tears, and ships to you from our cat/fish friendly and smoke-free home. 
Onesies and t-shirts are brand new and made of 100% cotton. I prewash and dry them before attaching the faces, so they may have shrunk from their original size. 
*Please select a onesie or t-shirt and specify long or short sleeve. At this time, I am offering white Gerber brand long or short sleeve onesies/t-shirts or Hanes short sleeve t-shirts. I would not recommend sizes under 12 months or over a youth small. I would be happy to use a shirt that you ship me (you pay shipping) – I will even give you a $3.00 discount on the price.


  1. Do you have anything that would fit a newborn? My sister's baby is due the 23rd of October and it would be totally adorable on a newborn for her first Halloween since I doubt my sister would dress her up that soon...

  2. I can make something that will fit a newborn. I actually have someone interested in something to put on a 0-3 month onesie, so I was going to shrink the design anyway. Which one did you want? Any particular color? I have black, brown (I'm working on a bear design), red, bright orange, the light orange you see in the alien picture, light blue, turquoise, and teal.

  3. Hmmmm what would be cutest on a baby girl? The bunny one? I think I like that one best.