Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Response to Your Comments on Simply Divine

My response was so long that I got cut off when trying to post it as a comment, so I'll just make a new entry.

I have good news - I found someone who will act as judge for the contest. Brookie-Lee runs a wonderful store called Happybottomus.  Happybottomus is a green baby store that carries Earth-friendly mama and baby products, including the Diva Cup!
Brookie-Lee is going to give a special discount to anyone who comments on the Simply Divine post: you will receive 10% off of any non-diaper item and 5% off of any diaper item. Be sure to let the salesperson know before you ring up (or include a note in your order if you're buying something online).

Also, please be sure to check back to see if you won - unless I know you personally or you commented using a profile that linked to your own blog, I won't have any way to reach you.


And now my comments to you (to be updated if/when more people comment on the original post):

Wow! I am so honored by all of your responses. I wish we could give a Diva Cup to every one of you! I do hope that of the ladies who don't get a free one, you will still try to scrounge up the pennies to order one of your own. You should get your savings back in 2 months, 3 months tops.

Sara - I know that feeling! The great thing about a menstrual cup is that you can put it in *before* you start your period!! It rocks.

Jill - thank you for giving me some footnote love. I had to restrain myself from "bluebook'ing" my article.

Allison - free is wonderful, but think of how much more invested you'll be in the cup if you have to buy it ;)

Emily - of everyone who reads this, *you* are the person I would most expect to get on the bandwagon ;)

Jessica - I *hate* pads! Hate them. They are so itchy and uncomfortable!

Mae - you were the one who finally inspired me enough to write the post! I remember you pre- and post- Diva Cup, I wanted to help others see the light :)

Angie - I am so glad that I will have an impartial 3rd party judging comments. I cannot be forced to choose from all of you guys!!

Lindsay - Instead cups are definitely better for the environment than tampons, but since they are disposable, you do run into some of the same problems (albeit less so than the alternatives). I hope you can try a Diva Cup (or some other brand of menstrual cup), I bet you'd be pleased.

Tammy - I love you. I'm so happy that you're willing to embrace my weirdness (menstrual cups, pee pads, natural birth with all of its accoutrements, etc.) ;)

Michelle - sizing is really easy!

Mandy - well what the heck are you waiting for? ;)

Aravinda - I think that needs to be Diva Cup's new tagline!

Tonia - the thought of a teenage you listening in shock and horror to your grandma explaining how to use a sanitary belt made me giggle. I'm sorry.

Meghanmongeon - it's so sad to hear stories from women who were not helped to celebrate such a monumental milestone as their first period. Mine wasn't "celebrated," per se, but my mother didn't make me feel ashamed or anything. It just wasn't a big deal. If I ever have a daughter, I am going to plan something elaborate :)

bishoujosempai - I was really surprised at the numbers too. One site that I didn't end up including in the article said that women use over 300 POUNDS of tampons over their lifetime. Yikes, dude.

Stacey - thank you so much for giving one away! Feel free to cut me a check out of your advertising budget too (wink wink! I am *totally* kidding!)

J's Curious Alley - your comment made me choke on my grape, I snorted so hard. The Diva Cup should solve your problem though, I have definitely never wanted to eat mine.

none - Hmmm, I don't have an IUD, so I didn't know that!

Cari - you need to take a break, lady! And I can sympathize with wanting to live a more Earth-conscious lifestyle but not always being able to afford it. By the way, that is one thing I really love about "The Green Book" I cited to - it gives concrete examples of how your small changes can make a big impact. I will be quoting that book in future posts.

broomgrass – I so remember the bulky pads of my teenage years. I was mortified people could see the outlines through my pants!

maileachan – thank you for stopping by!

Monica – I know, the numbers were shocking. Did you see above where I mentioned that women use over 300 POUNDS of tampons over their lifetime?! Ridiculous.

KailaE – thank you :) I’m really pleased that it was educational and fun! That’s exactly what I was going for!!

Jenny Z – obviously, we are sister nerds ;)

AndreiaRFPS – on one of the sites I read while researching this article, it said that some European women didn’t wear any protection 100 years ago – think of the days of the big hoop skirt dresses. It said it would have been difficult to use the bathroom in those things, much less change a tampon or pad. Hmm, I think I would have gone to the trouble. It would have been easier than washing stained clothing!

Heather – what a fascinating connection to the Y2K scare, I’d love to know how this topic came up in that context!

LillyRose – you’d probably be best served by researching the different fits of the menstrual cups, since you are worried about comfort. These sites might be helpful:
I think the Diva Cup is comfortable, but I never had any problem with how tampons fit (I just didn't like the dry feeling or the pain when taking them out).

tepym3 – thank you so much for commenting! Many many hugs and congrats for being good to your body. One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older (and had a miracle baby of my own) is how important it is for women to cherish the intricacies of our bodies and souls just the way we are. My hippie mama friends and I have discussed that one several times :)

heffervescent - thank you for stopping by! I'm in the old-fashioned "there's got to be something beneficial about having periods" camp ;) I also don't like injecting synthetic hormones into my body. So even though the experts seem to think it's no more harmful than taking regular birth control, I won't be doing either. Many wishes for you to have a safe and informed reproductive path (or not reproductive, for now, as the case may be).  :)

Rebecca - how awesome that it's mainstream enough to grace the shelves of Walgreens!

Erica - I would love to hear more about Asia. This would be handy while traveling!

Ginny - if you don't win, be sure to check out Happybottomus's website (linked at the top of this post). They sell Diva cups :)

info - thank you :)

Cheryl - it's your body, don't be ick'd out! Be fascinated ;)

rakshasi - thanks for adding your own experience.

none - I wear a (resusable) liner too, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I totally agree with the ick factor of used tampons/pads - very good point! And I told my sister (who is ordering a Diva Cup) to be sure to trim the stem. That thing was horribly uncomfortable.

Funky Little Earthchild - thank you! And I'm sure the Diva Cup pays for itself faster if you're already using Earth-friendly products. They are pricey!

Naomi - SO much better than pads. No contest!

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